Finance by grant

Federal and state government have various funding programs in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in obtaining their fund for their innovation projects. Those funding programs help to stimulate new projects ideas for startups and SMEs and also a channel in encouraging new business ideas.

Fundings that are provide by those programs are not requiring in paying back the state. This way it can help accelerate your business growth, and give your more flexibility in making business decisions.

We VC-POINT Group will help you in choosing the right programs, in preparing your business for the funding application.

Phase 1 (Evaluation)

  • Selecting project to be finance
  • Determine financial needs of the project
  • Determine funding method
  • Evaluate company’s current status
  • Evaluate of terms and accumulation limits

Phase 2 (Application)

  • Detailing a company profile
  • Detailing a project description
  • Detailing of cost and investment plans
  • Filling in application documents and detaily outlining project information

Phase 3 (Implementation)

  • Documentation of the funded project and detailing all costs
  • Compliance with public procurement directives
  • Creation of retrieving means
  • Production of interim and used lists