Equity Financing

The key elements of modern corporate management for startups and innovative SMEs are finding the right kind of capital, funding and investor. Those are the essential elements of
successful acquisition of equity.

For that VC-POINT group will be able to help you in finding the best equity investors and accompany you at address due diligence and investment negotiations.

Phase 1 (Business Setup)

  • Documentation of the status quo and explore project objectives.
  • Determine of the innovation, growth or exit project.
  • Reviewing current and previous project and see if it is necessary for restructure.
  • Help set up corporate strategy and find the right business mode.

Phase 2 (Business and Financial Planning)

  • Develop business and financial plan to ensure project implementation.
  • Full analyze on capital requirements and funding structure.
  • Search and select of the appropriate funding source for start-up, growth or innovation projects.
  • Establishing the timeline of necessary resources and defining investment strategy.
  • Review and adjust due diligence terms before approaching investors.

Phase 3 (Implementation)

  • Prepare in approaching potential investors through the right communication module and business etiquette.
  • Sending off initial information to investors and obtaining feedback.
  • Approach potential investors with company business plan.
  • Prepare for business negotiations in achieving win situation for both startups and interested investors.