Bank Funding

Banks continue to play a major role in the corporate finance. In regarding of bank funding, the risk has been minimize in the, but still have its own risk.

The VC-POINT Group will assist you in successfully applying for loans for investment or resources. We are here to support you through the entire process from concept to negotiation with commercial banks.

Phase 1 (Business Evaluation)

  • Documentation of the status quo and explore project objectives.
  • Defining corporate strategy and find the right business mode.
  • Defining fund seeking projects.

Phase 2 (Business and Financial Planning)

  • Develop business and financial plan to ensure project implementation.
  • Full analyze on capital requirements and funding structure.
  • Determine and set up development planning of optimizing financial structure.

Phase 3 (Implementation)

  • Approach of selected banks and potential financial institutions.
  • Sending off initial information to investors and obtaining feedback.
  • Further presenting business plan and prepare further financial plan.
  • Prepare for business negotiations in achieving win situation for both startups and interested investors.